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Wage and salary administration with ACC Bulgaria

ACC offers products and service solutions designed specifically for small and medium business in Bulgaria. We provide a wide range of payroll accounting services including online payroll solutions with payroll tax processing and filing.

With ACC as your outsourcing partner, we will guarantee that your employees will receive the best in benefits. Your business in Bulgaria will be in compliance and running trouble-free. Consequently, you'll be able to focus on building up your business. ACC experts hold extensive practice in payroll consulting, payroll planning, implementing and managing payroll service functions across all industries.

ACC basic payroll services include:

  • Registration of the company (as an employer) to the local authorities
  • Collecting employees' details
  • Liaising with the income tax authorities and the Bulgarian Department of Social Security
  • Effecting payments to employees and Government Authorities
  • Preparing tax returns and all other relevant forms and returns


  • Advising on regulations and guidelines affectingexpatriate employees
  • Advising on employment contracts and employment law issues in Bulgaria
  • Advising on taxation issues affecting expatriates
  • Assisting in obtaining work and residence permits
  • Advising on the setting up and the handling of companies' provident funds

You can also define the level of service your company needs - ranging from traditional "bureau" processing through to fully outsourced salary accounting. ACC experts will help you to define your business requirements, making your processes more efficient.

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At the Accounting Competence Center in Bulgaria, we view our work as more than just a job to complete. It's an entire way of doing business.

Payroll in Bulgaria, quickly, professionally and efficiently.