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ACC offers a true outsourced accounting and bookkeeping service providing the highest level of accountancy expertise and access to the latest technologies.

Do you ever wish... there was an easier way to manage your books?
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A company's success always depends on the reliability of its financial and accounting functions - bookkeeping and financial reporting. Not only do all the relevant legal and official requirements have to be met, but the information needed to manage the business has to be provided quickly and perspicuous.

The challenges you have to face

You require a finance and accounting function providing up to date analysis when you need your costs to become transparent and plannable You need to avoid risks associated with VAT and direct taxes

You want to disburden your members of staff and spend less time to your business processes

You demand authentic data as a basis for making decisions concerning your core business

How ACC accountants can support you

Our advice contains all aspects of accountancy and finance in Bulgaria. We have the in-depth professional expertise and chartered accountants to support you in a specific area or with an integrated modular concept according to your needs.

ACC Bulgaria - quickly, professionally and efficiently.

ACC Ltd. is a multi-lingual company providing outsourced accounting services to European businesses and overseas companies setting up in Bulgaria. Our services range from setting up business and tax consulting, through to high professional accounting services, bookkeeping and payroll accounting services.

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ACC offers a full range of accountancy services with an emphasis on payroll, tax consulting and annual and periodic statements.

ACC - it's that simple!