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Succession Planning

The combination of family and money within any family-owned business provides fertile ground for conflict. Conflict can be productive, but it can also lead to decision-making paralysis and damaged relationships. ACC has assisted many businesses in successfully transferring management and ownership from one generation to the next. We apply a structure to support small and large businesses through this process.

Succession plans are developed in three phases.

1. Readiness analysis
  • Is the business ready financially and organizationally for the transition? Includes historical financial analysis and personal interviews with each stakeholder.
2. Plan development
  • Development of family code of conduct and guiding principles;
  • Review and update of communication platforms;
  • Development of senior generation transition plan including position profiles;
  • Development of action items and a timeline.
3. Plan implementation
  • Coordination with your CPA, legal counsel and other professionals to develop specific entities, funding strategies, risk management plans and other items to cap off the transition plan.
  • Periodic meetings to review progress against the plan.

ACC also can assist existing businesses review their governance structure and develop step-by-step plans for internal conflict resolution. You are never too young to consider your business succession strategy.