Sie verlangen umfangreiches Know-how in allen Vermögensfragen?

Zählen Sie auf unsere Experten. Die ACC Finanzberatung bringt viele Vorteile mit sich: wir entlasten Sie vom aufwändigen Finanzmanagement und Sie profitieren von unseren individuellen Lösungen.

Financial Management

Every decision you make as an owner or manager of your agricultural business has a financial impact. Underlying the services ACC provides is sound financial analysis and management. When are our financial analysis services right for you? Whenever you have one or more of the following situations:

  • Expansion feasibility;
  • Bringing the next generation into the business;
  • Uneasiness about your financial health;
  • Challenges communicating internally or with your lender about your financial situation;
  • A desire for an annual financial checkup;
  • Cash flow problems; or
  • Pressure from creditors.

ACC's financial analysis services begin with a visit to your business to discuss your particular financial situation and the questions you have about it.

The second step is to analyze your financial progress and position over a minimum of five years using a series of critical financial ratios that must be in balance so that your business works for you and not the other way around.

The results of your analysis are communicated to you through presentation of our written report. Our report includes specific recommendations for you to consider implementing to more effectively manage your financial situation. Practical, relevant, and timely answers to your financial questions - that s what ACC financial analysis services are all about.