Sie verlangen umfangreiches Know-how in allen Vermögensfragen?

Zählen Sie auf unsere Experten. Die ACC Finanzberatung bringt viele Vorteile mit sich: wir entlasten Sie vom aufwändigen Finanzmanagement und Sie profitieren von unseren individuellen Lösungen.

Business planning is a phrase that spans the gamut from cash flow planning for next month to determining strategic direction for the next years. On any given day, different businesses need to focus their attention on a different place within this planning continuum. ACC has the tools and experience to assist you in putting structure and systems in place for the here and now without losing sight of your long-term aspirations.

We might begin by developing a detailed budget for the coming year and tracking actual-to-budget regularly. Perhaps you are ready to develop a strategic plan that includes a vision, mission and core philosophy to guide your business' growth through the next few years. This plan can be developed through action items that include a responsible person and a due date. Specifically, ACC is equipped to assist you with:
  • Strategic Plans
  • Annual Operating Plans
  • Plan Development and Implementation
  • Review and Monitor Progress
In our experience, the most successful businesses we work with engage in the planning process on a regular basis. Let us lend our facilitation and technical expertise to make your planning more timely and efficient.