Financial & Management Consulting

Financial effectiveness involves the measurement of cost against benefits and the permanent generating, monitoring, and distribution of financial resources. ACC workes closely with Lawyers and Controllers providing innovative advice, independent ideas and support in optimising their finance operations to meet the requirements of their businesses in Bulgaria.

Our dairy consultants use proprietary financial models and professional knowledge to help you analyze business decisions for your dairy. We provide you with specialized dairy counsel and service that's unique in the financial services industry. We work with you to:
  • Develop and update annual business plans,
  • Evaluate options,
  • Analyze best- and worst-case scenarios,
  • Make informed decisions.

Dairy Profit Manager

Our dairy consultants use the highly integrated Dairy Profit Manager to bring your key success factors into focus by providing:

  • Comprehensive quarterly financial statements (accrual);
  • Break-even price analysis;
  • Multi-year budgets;
  • Accounting support;
  • Producer group meetings;
  • Summit conference strategy sessions for key advisors and decision makers to review the information, identify opportunities and develop action plans.