Financial & Management Consulting

Financial effectiveness involves the measurement of cost against benefits and the permanent generating, monitoring, and distribution of financial resources. ACC workes closely with Lawyers and Controllers providing innovative advice, independent ideas and support in optimising their finance operations to meet the requirements of their businesses in Bulgaria.

With increasing frequency, producers and service providers are creating alliances with other industries.
Examples of these alliances include:
  • Adding value to commodity products,
  • Increasing operating and capital efficiency through asset sharing arrangements,
  • Accessing processor markets, and
  • Accessing technology otherwise not available to individual producers.

ACC is often called upon by clients interested in creating these alliances to assist them with:

  • Analyzing the financial feasibility of the proposed alliance;
  • Developing the decision making structure for the alliance;
  • Developing the ownership structure for the alliance;
  • Working out the rules for related party transactions;
  • Creating the profile of the ideal equity participant; and
  • Assisting legal counsel in preparing the equity capital offering.

If you are considering developing an alliance, give us a call to discuss how we can assist in maximizing these value creating opportunities through application of our alliance development program.